From abortion bans to book bans to bans on gender affirming care, Republicans are trying to divide and scare and distract people because their actual agenda (tax cuts for billionaires, pollution for the rest of us) stinks. But here’s the good news. These out of touch weirdos are in a bind. Because it turns out that threatening doctors, banning books, silencing gay teachers, obsessing over bathrooms in a pretty creepy way – none of these attacks on our basic freedoms are very popular. So let’s fight back.



That’s right, abortion is on the ballot, once again.  In addition to the ever-present and looming threat of Republicans gaining a trifecta at the federal level and passing a national ban, there’s also some (more cheery) news at the state level, as advocates in multiple states are working to get measures on the ballot to codify abortion rights in their state constitutions.

In other words, LFG.

What Can I Do?

Leave Queer Kids Alone

More than 400 bills have been introduced across the country attacking trans youth. These bills range from threatening to criminalize health care to banning trans youth from school activities. This rightwing onslaught is desperate and evil and destined to fail – but it’s up to us to make sure that happens. That means acting now to protect vulnerable people and that also means bringing as many people as we can into this fight – to build power and show these goons that they’re not just wrong and cruel – they’re losers too. Learn more about how you can fight back today.

What Can I Do?

Donate Fight back and organize

  • Non-Profit

    Support non-profit orgs directly providing resources and legal support to the trans and queer community, like the Trans Justice Funding Project (if you want to make a tax-deductible contribution or have a matching program at work, go wild).
  • Political Impact

    Take the fight right to the rightwing goons attacking LGBTQ rights, through orgs fighting in states where rightwing politicians are targeting trans people most aggressively (not tax deductible, but still a good time).
  • Why are Republicans so focused on trans people, especially kids?

    Great question. The right evidently has decided that they can use trans issues as a so-called “wedge issue.” The idea of a wedge issue is that it unifies your side and divides the other side, enabling you to fire up your base and attract persuadable voters. They seem to think that they can spark fear of change and distract from their incredibly unpopular economic agenda by focusing on things like gender-affirming care, trans youth playing sports, or using the bathrooms that match their gender identity. The thing is…these attacks on kids (and their families) aren’t actually popular.

  • Didn’t you do this last year? I thought F*ck Bans was about abortion.

    We thought it was too when we launched F*ck Bans in 2022. Turns out there are a bunch of bans, and they all suck. But these fights are related—the same states are criminalizing reproductive care and trans care. Ultimately, these are attacks on bodily autonomy and freedom, and we don’t leave anyone behind.

  • These laws are mostly happening in red states where Republicans are in control. Can we actually do anything about it?

    It’s not easy. But here are a few ways we can affect change, in the short, medium, and long term.

  • What can we do right now?

    In the short term, we can call and write to our representatives, show up to testify, and let progressives in those states know we have their backs. We can also support trans youth right now, through mental health resources, spaces for connections with other young queer people, and other resources. Scroll down for more on that.

  • What’s the plan for stopping these creeps for good?

    In the medium term, we can look ahead to 2024, when we’ll have the opportunity to replace some of the anti-trans legislators and defeat Republicans in statewide office and nationally who support the anti-trans agenda. Then, over the long term, we can fight for national legislation to protect queer and trans people and organize to build power in red and purple states. Join the VSA Community at the link below to be part of that work.

Learn More What kind of bans are we talking about here?

Source: ACLU

  • Health Care

    These types of bills aim to ban affirming care for trans youth, create criminal penalties for providing this care, block funding to medical centers that offer gender-affirming care, or block insurance coverage of health care for transgender people.

  • Schools

    These types of bills would ban trans students from participating in school activities like sports, force teachers to out students, prevent teachers from using a student’s preferred pronouns, or censor in-school discussions of LGBTQ people and issues.

  • Public Accommodation

    These bills would ban trans and gender nonconforming people from using facilities like public bathrooms and locker rooms.

  • Drag

    These bans are aimed at how and when LGBTQ people can express themselves, especially in performances like drag shows, and conflate drag and gender nonconformity.

Learn more Find your State

Learn more about the types of bills that are passing throughout the nation, what stage of the legislative process they’re at, and how you can take action in your state.

Find your state

Learn More Resources

  • American Trans Resource Hub

    By trans people. For trans people. They offer everything from scholarships to free binders to peer support.
    Visit the hub
  • The Trevor Project

    The Trevor Project provides 24/7 information and support to queer youth. Talk to a counselor, explore resources, or get connected with other LGBTQ+ Youth.
    Get Support
  • Trans Journalist Association

    The Trans Journalist Association exists not only to support trans journalists and build safe workspaces, but also to provide guidance to newsrooms on how to cover trans issues, including the spate of anti-trans laws.
    Read more
  • Transgender Law Center

    The Transgender Law Center is the largest trans-led, trans-specific organization in the United States. It collects resources and publications to guide trans people through common legal challenges and questions.
    Learn more
  • Trans Lifeline

    Trans lifeline provides direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis. They offer a peer-support phone service for trans people, as well as micro-grants to help cover the cost of changing government IDs. They do not involve police or emergency services without explicit consent.
    Get support
  • Gender Spectrum

    Gender Spectrum provides education and support groups for trans youth and their families, as well as training for educators and medical and mental health professionals.
    Learn more

Fight Back Fight Back at the Ballot Box

  • 2024 Spotlight

    Republicans at every level of government are attacking trans kids. Beyond the hateful laws passed by state legislatures, many of which are the result of Republican supermajorities, conservatives are leaning hard on hateful rhetoric. Both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have taken the radical, anti-science stances of trying to ban gender-affirming care for minors. In 2022, Republicans spent more than $50 million on anti-trans ads. The numbers and the rhetoric will only get worse. That’s why we have to organize to stop this everywhere, from the state legislature to the White House.

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