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About the Candidate

Amy Klobuchar is Minnesota’s senior Senator. She was elected in 2006, becoming the first woman in the state ever to be elected to the U.S. Senate. She also had arguably the most X-treme™ campaign launch of 2020: Outside. On an island. In a blizzard. Prior to braving elements, Klobuchar served as the attorney for Minnesota's Hennepin County, and was a partner at two Minneapolis law firms. Learn more about Amy below:

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Q & A with Amy

  • What’s the reason you're running for president in six words?

    Getting good things done for people.

  • What is the first piece of legislation you want to sign into law, and how will you get it through a GOP-led Senate if Democrats aren’t in charge?

    When I’m elected President, the first bill I pass will be the For the People Act. We need sweeping anti-corruption and voting rights reforms to make voting easier and more secure and to ensure our democracy works for everyone...In the Senate, I’ve passed over 100 bills as the lead Democrat. I’m not naive about Mitch McConnell’s obstruction, which is why we need Democrats up and down the ballot to win big in 2020.

  • If elected, what is the first executive action you’ll take?

    On day one, I will sign us back into the International Climate Change Agreement.

  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?

    When our daughter Abigail was born, she couldn’t swallow and had to be fed through a tube for the first few years of her life. Even though she was still in intensive care after she was born, the hospital kicked me out after just 24 hours because of insurance rules. Following that experience, I gathered some of my pregnant friends and went to the Minnesota Legislature and successfully advocated for one of the first laws in the country that guaranteed new moms and their babies a minimum 48-hour hospital stay.

  • Do you have a pet? If so, picture please. If not, are you ok?

    I had a dog in the past, but currently no pets.

  • When you’re not discussing all the reasons you will be a great president, what TV show are you insisting all of your friends watch immediately?

    Madam Secretary.

  • If you could tell your 14-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

    I would tell her that anything is possible, because that’s what I love about my daughter and her generation’s view of the future.


Top Priorities*


Implement universal health care, bring down the prices of prescription drugs, and enable strong mental health care.


Address climate issues such as renewable power rules and investment in clean-energy infrastructure.


Improve America’s infrastructure with a trillion-dollar investment.