I’m definitely registered to vote but your site says I’m not. What’s the deal?

Vote.org looks at a national database and it’s possible the information hasn’t flowed up from the state and/or that your address or name might not exactly match their records. Your state will have the most up-to-date records, so be sure to check with your state’s election officials. You can find your state election officials through Vote.org’s election center here.

Just pick your state and go to the first link under “offsite links.”

Is my voter guide my actual ballot?

Nope! The voter guide provided by Vote Save America is exactly that: A guide to help you see exactly who and what is on your ballot and learn a little bit more about everything before you actually fill out your real ballot when you vote. Consider it a dress rehearsal before your big day with democracy on November 6.

There may be more local measures and candidates on your ballot than what's shown on the Vote Save America guide. We included state and federal races as well as all state ballot measures.

Will my ballot change?

It sure could! Courts are making decisions on whether ballot measures should stay on or be pulled off, and sometimes candidates can drop out. But do not despair: We are ON IT. We're continually adding more information on candidates and measures. Long story short: It's never too soon to get up to speed on the people and measures on the ballot in your state, but definitely check back closer to the election to make sure you have all the right information about your ballot ahead of election day.

The information you listed for my state seems off – where did you source it from?

We sourced our information from official state election websites, but if something seems off to you, email us at votesaveamerica@crooked.com and we’ll check it out!

I’m not seeing my candidate’s event on your page. How can I get my event on Do Something?

We use a platform called MobilizeAmerica to post the events featured on votesaveamerica.com. Your campaign must have an account with them in order for your events to show up. If you’d like to be connected with them, email us at votesaveamerica@crooked.com.

There’s a competitive race in my state but it’s not on your site! What is your criteria for “Candidates to Watch”?

We use the Cook Political Report to determine which competitive House, Senate, and Governor races to feature on each state page. Those deemed competitive are rated as Toss Up, Leans Democratic, or Leans Republican — and those are the ones we feature.