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M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. The only state any American can confidently spell. Also, the birthplace of Elvis, the blues, and root beer. One time in 2015, two candidates running for a State House seat in your state tied with 4,589 votes, so they picked the winner by drawing straws. DRAWING STRAWS. Do you really want that? No you don't. So here's what you need to know about Election Day in the Magnolia State.

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Do I have an election this year?

Yes! This year you have elections for governor, lieutenant governor, state legislature, and more! You not only have primaries coming up in August, both the primary and the general elections have optional runoff dates. What does that mean? You could get the chance to vote up to four times this year! We're really jealous, tbh.

Key Dates

Oct 10

Voter Registration Deadline (postmarked if applying via mail)

Oct 25

Recommended Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request By Date

Oct 30

Runoff Election Voter Registration Deadline (postmarked if applying via mail)

Nov 7

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Return Deadline (postmarked by)

Nov 7

Election Day

Nov 28

Runoff Election (if needed)

Mississippi Voter Guide

  • How do I make sure I'm registered to vote?

    Go to votesaveamerica.com/be-a-voter to check your registration or get registered. We're working with BallotReady to make this as easy as possible for you, so don't fuck it up.

    Register here
  • Can I register the same day I want to vote?

    Sadly, no. So do it now! Then reward yourself with a cookie.

    Register here
  • Can I vote by mail?

    No, but there are exceptions that will allow you to vote absentee if you qualify. People who qualify include voters who are 65 years or older, who are temporarily living outside their voting jurisdiction, and who are disabled or taking care of disabled family members. Learn if you can qualify here.

    Get the Details
  • Can I vote early?

    Nope. So make a plan for November 7, and as we like to say here in the nicest possible way, don't fuck it up.

    Make a plan
  • Do I need an ID?

    Yes, yes you do. All Mississippians voting at the polls are required to show a photo ID card. Those voting in person by absentee ballot in the Circuit Clerk's Office are also required to show a photo ID. Eligible voters casting an absentee ballot by mail, do NOT have to show a photo ID.

    An ID that qualifies includes a state driver's license, a government ID, a U.S. passport, a firearms license, a tribal ID, a military ID, or a Mississippi student ID.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have any of these IDs, you can receive a FREE voter ID card from the state.

    Get the full details from VoteRiders.

    Get ID information Get a free voter ID card
  • What if I'm voting on Election Day?

    Double check your polling location now!

    Find Your Polling Place


  • Find the details on accessible voting in your state, including early voting, Election Day voting, mail voting, and accessible mail voting tools for people with print disabilities.

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  • Get your absentee ballot here!

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  • Need to show Voter ID? Not sure what kind? Get the specifics in your state here.

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