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Hey, Show Me State, why don’t you show us what it looks like when all of you turn out to vote? Don't like that joke? Then don't tee it up for us like that. Also, you share a border with EIGHT states, meaning you have the most neighbors of any state in the country. Why not set a good example? It’s just neighborly. Here’s everything you need to know about Election Day in 2022.

Be A Voter

Key Dates

Oct 12

Voter Registration Deadline

Oct 20

Recommended Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request By Date

Oct 25 – Nov 7

Early Voting

Oct 26

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline (By Mail)

Nov 7

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline (In Person)

Nov 8

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Return Deadline

Nov 8

Election Day

Missouri Voter Guide

  • How do I make sure I'm registered to vote?

    Go to votesaveamerica.com/be-a-voter to check your registration or get registered by October 12. We're working with BallotReady to make this as easy as possible for you, so don't fuck it up.

    Register here
  • Can I register the same day I want to vote?

    Sadly, no. So do it now! Then reward yourself with a cookie.

    Register here
  • Can I vote by mail?

    Only qualified voters may vote by mail. You qualify for reasons such as being absent from your election jurisdiction on Election Day, incapacitation due to health or caring for someone who is incapacitated, employment as an election authority or emergency responder, and more.

    If you are among them, you must submit an application by October 26 and return the ballot by November 8, Election Day. Find out if you qualify here.

    Find Out If You Qualify
  • Can I vote early?

    Yes, you can vote in person with an absentee ballot from October 25 to November 7. You must bring an accepted form of ID with you in order to do so.

    Get the Details Find Your Voting Location
  • Do I need an ID?

    Yes, you need a valid (non-expired) Missouri driver's license or ID card, a military ID, U.S. passport, or another photo ID issued by the U.S. or Missouri that is not expired or expired AFTER the date of the most recent general election (November 8, 2020).

    If you don't have these forms of ID, you can still vote by casting a provisional ballot.

    Get the Details
  • How do I cast my ballot?

    If you are voting absentee, you can return your ballot by mail or in-person. In both cases, you will need a photo ID. For in-person voting, polling places will be open from 6am to 7pm. IMPORTANT NOTE: Important: If you are in line at the closing time of 7:00 PM you have the right to cast your vote.

    You can find the polling place closest to you here.

    Find Your Polling Place


Since 2020, there have been changes that will impact how you cast your ballot in Missouri. Here are the differences you should keep an eye on: 

When making a plan to vote…

  • Absentee voters eligible due to illness or physical disability must be impaired on Election Day specifically in order to qualify for a ballot.
  • Early voting is now a thing in Missouri! You can vote anywhere beginning the second Tuesday before an election – find the exact locations online (and bring your photo ID).
  • Third-party groups cannot solicit a voter into obtaining an absentee ballot.
  • Absentee ballots must be received by the end of day on Election Day to be counted, so get them in early!

When casting your vote…

  • Make sure you have a photo ID on you – otherwise, you’ll now cast a provisional ballot and need to return with ID.
  • Drop boxes have been outlawed in Missouri (cute); you’ll need to find an election official in-person.


  • Find the details on accessible voting in your state, including early voting, Election Day voting, mail voting, and accessible mail voting tools for people with print disabilities.

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  • Get your absentee ballot here!

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  • Need to show Voter ID? Not sure what kind? Get the specifics in your state here.

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