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2020 Election Results

election results

Updated: 3:00 AM ET, November 11, 2020

When will we know about the Senate?

Some of the most competitive races to determine who will control the Senate are in states with a history of slow counting or rules in place that could mean we won’t have a result on election night— or until next year. 

  • This is the one that has us clearing our calendars for December: Georgia could determine control of the Senate. And that may not happen until January. Georgia has two very competitive Senate races, and unless a candidate gets over 50 percent on November 3, both races will go to a run-off on Jan. 5. Since Democrats were only able to net one seat in November (two pickups in Arizona and Colorado, one loss in Alabama), the Senate is currently at 50-48 in favor of Republicans heading into these runoffs. If Democrats were to win both seats in January, Vice President Kamala Harris would be able to serve as the tie-breaking majority vote in her role as President of the Senate.