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Every election matters, whether it’s for governor or school board. Make your plan to be a voter this year and every year.

Do I Have An Election This Year?

Many state and local elections are happening this year. Find out what’s on your ballot and don’t miss out.

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What ELECTIONS are happening IN 2021?

  • What is a federal election?

    Elections for offices within the federal government, i.e. president & vice president, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives. These happen in even-numbered years, but there may be special elections in your state in 2021.

  • What is a state election?

    Elections for offices or ballot initiatives within state government. These include offices such as governor, lieutenant governor, state senator, state representative, state auditor, insurance commissioner, comptroller, secretary of state, and attorney general. Not all states have the same elected state officials.

  • What is a municipal election?

    Elections for sub-state municipalities (like a county government or city government). Mayors, councilmembers, city attorneys, school boards, and sheriffs are some of the people who may be elected by municipal elections. Many of these are happening this year

  • What is a partisan primary election?

    Elections that select nominees for political parties, like the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Green Parties.

  • What is a nonpartisan primary election?

    Primary elections that select two finalists, regardless of political party. The top two vote-getters will then face each other in a general election.


Am I already registered?

Do a quick and easy check. Especially since states have this suppress-y habit of kicking voters off the rolls.

I need to register!

It takes 30 seconds—do it now!

Voter FAQ

  • What’s the first thing I should do before I vote?

    Check your voter registration status to make sure your name is still on the list at the right address. Then check to see where you’re voting and whether your state requires you to show an ID before you vote. You can find that out on your state’s page above.

  • I’m definitely registered to vote but your site says I’m not. What’s the deal? uses a national database so it’s possible that the national file hasn’t updated yet with your registration. It’s also possible that your address or name might not exactly match their records. Your state will have the most up-to-date info, so double check directly at

  • I forgot to register to vote! Can I register now?

    Registration deadlines for primaries and the general election vary from state to state, so it may not be too late for you! Find your state in the dropdown menu above to learn more about your registration deadlines.

  • I’m registered, but haven’t voted in the last few elections. Should I be worried?

    First, double-check to make sure you’re still a registered voter. The definition of “inactive voter” varies by state, and a state can purge your name off the rolls, so make sure to check here before you head to the polls.