The 2022 Election Isn't Over Yet.

The Vote Save America community has worked hard all year and it paid off: Voters turned out in record numbers in 2022 to fight back for our freedoms and stand up for democracy. Georgia voters get to do it one more time on December 6, with a run-off to send Rev. Raphael Warnock back to Washington and determine whether Democrats will win a critical 51st vote in the Senate. Sign up to stay in the loop on the most effective ways to keep fighting, our work is far from done.

Countdown to Georgia runoffs: Today is election day!


Now that we’ve made it past Election Day, all eyes are on Georgia. Again. When you chip in to the Every Last Vote fund today, you’ll directly support grassroots organizations in Georgia working to educate and turn out voters. You can also find a way to volunteer in Georgia to make sure every voice is heard in December.

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No Off Years

2022 isn’t over, but the fight to defeat Trump and Trumpism in 2024 has already begun. The only way forward is to keep working to build the broadest coalition to beat MAGA Republicans wherever we have to. That work didn’t end with these midterms – it’s something we have to keep working at every single day. Sign up to be part of our virtual volunteer community to hit the ground running in 2023.