The stakes couldn’t be higher as we head into 2022. Democracy is still under attack. And there’s work we can do to save it right now. Whether you’ve been ready to keep going since the Georgia run-offs or need a friendly nudge to take a break from Netflix and get back to work, No Off Years is the place for you.

Due to the gridlock in the Senate, it can sometimes be easy to forget that House Democrats are passing some big deal bills and would like to continue doing so with a Senate majority that might actually help them become law! If we don’t hold onto the House in 2022, a Republican majority would not only make it impossible for any progressive priority to move forward, they would also very likely spend the next two years trying to impeach President Biden over something they heard on Fox News. Not to mention the (very scary!) fact that the Republican “plan” to steal the 2020 presidential election by stopping the certification of the electoral results failed because Democrats controlled the House. If Republicans take the majority in 2022, Democrats lose one more line of defense and an attempt to steal the next election could be successful.


Fighting voter suppression has become a little bit like whack-a-mole this year with new laws popping up faster than Marc Elias can smack them down. In states where Republicans control the legislature and the governor’s seat like Georgia, Florida, and Texas, they didn’t waste any time in passing new laws this year that will make it harder for Democrats to win. And while Republicans control the legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, fortunately Democratic governors have stopped those states from passing similar laws. Each of those governorships is up in 2022. If we lose those seats, the very first thing a new Republican governor will do is make it harder to vote in places where President Biden had some of his narrowest margins of victory in 2020.


Right now, Democrats only have a majority of eight seats in the House and zero seats in the Senate (Vice President Harris is the tie-breaking vote that makes for the narrowest of majorities).

The 2022 Congressional map will feature newly redrawn districts after the data from the census comes in (we’re expecting that to happen in August). Experts believe that the Republicans can erase the narrow Democratic majority simply through partisan gerrymanders in those states. Democrats could lose as many as a half dozen seats because of the new maps.

Voter suppression

Republicans across the country have been working overtime to pass legislation based on Trump’s Big Lie, and those laws to prevent non-existent fraud will stop real voters from making their voices heard in future elections. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, as of June 2021, 17 states enacted 28 new laws that restrict access to the vote, and at least 61 bills with restrictive provisions are moving through 18 state legislatures.

Control of the Senate in 2022 and the White House in 2024 goes through states with new voter suppression laws on the books since 2020—Arizona, Georgia, and Florida are now going to be a lot harder for Democrats to win going forward.

Don't forget about S1

We know we can’t out-organize GOP power grabs like extreme partisan gerrymandering, which is why we’re not giving up the fight on passing federal legislation like the For the People Act. Senate Democrats have the power to stop the wave of voter suppression laws sweeping the country and end partisan gerrymandering once and for all. Take a look to see, in their own words, where your Senators stand on eliminating the filibuster. If they’re on the fence, give them a call using our tool below. The more they hear from people about how important this is, the more likely they are to reconsider where they stand.


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