Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines and Values 

Welcome to the Vote Save America community. We want to create a welcoming, accessible, engaging, and positive virtual environment for everyone who joins. To do so, we have certain guidelines and expectations for our community to ensure a welcoming space for all of our volunteers. 

We recognize reaching out to voters can be difficult work, yet we are passionate about our united mission to engage more people in our democratic process. While we do this work, we share the following values when interacting with fellow volunteers, Vote Save America staff, and voters: 

  • Respect: we are respectful toward one another, and come to this space with an open mind, ready to learn from others and encounter people with different experiences and opinions from our own.  
  • Kindness: we extend kindness to others, and do not engage in hostility. We take the high road, and remain professional and kind in our interactions with each other and with voters, including those with whom we disagree. 
  • Empathy: we recognize that we do not know the full story of what may be going on with another person, so we practice empathy, assume best intentions while acknowledging the impact of our statements.

Rights & Responsibilities 

  • Our commitment: At Vote Save America, we are firmly committed to providing a space that is free from discrimination, harassment or intimidation on the basis of an individual’s race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, age, or any other basis prohibited by law. 
  • No harassment, hate speech, or bullying: Please treat all other users with respect, and do not use the channels or direct messages to abuse, threaten, harass, or stalk other users. We do not tolerate hate speech or bullying of any kind. Staff will remove any post or comment whose tone is discriminatory to another person or member, group of people or organization. 
  • Respect your and each other’s privacy: Please do not share private information about another user or voter publicly without their permission including but not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, voter names, and home addresses. We strongly advise against providing other users with personally identifiable information, which could be used against you, your property, or your family.
  • No spam: Spam is not permitted in the Vote Save America Community. We define “spam” as chain messages, irrelevant or inappropriate messages, and/or a large amount of repetitive messages within a small time frame. Providing links to community events or relevant content is OK but please do not use the slack channel for personal or professional advertisement.

What To Do If You Feel Threatened

If you experience harassment, hate speech, or bullying, you may contact any Vote Save America staff by email or direct message (Eric Babb, [email protected]).

Vote Save America Virtual Workspace Policies 

  • Impersonating a Vote Save America Admin or another user is prohibited;
  • Copying or impersonating chat room names is not allowed;
  • Vote Save America does not allow content or behaviors relating to any illegal activities; distributing, posting, or publishing any unlawful material.
  • Vote Save America Admin reserves the right to remove content or users in user-created communication services that express ideals of racism, bigotry, violence, obscenity or nudity.
  • Vote Save America reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to review and remove posts at will and without notice, or ban participants that are deemed objectionable or otherwise violate these policies.

In-person Safety Outside of the Vote Save America Virtual Workspace

When signing up for in-person events with other Vote Save America volunteers, please use precaution. Even though we are a community of incredible individuals, bad actors have infiltrated groups before.

Therefore, if signing up for an in-person event with the purpose of meeting another Vote Save America volunteer, please following the following guidelines:

  • Meet in-person at the event location, not at a third-party location before the event begins.
  • If you decide to grab coffee with a volunteer after an event, bring a third volunteer you know with you. The more the merrier!
  • Often when canvassing, you will need to drive to a location to begin knocking doors. This is great! Follow the guidance provided by the organization you are volunteering with.

Volunteer story and media collection

The Vote Save America community Slack channel #volunteer-stories-and-pics is for VSA volunteers to share pictures, videos, direct to camera videos, and written volunteer stories. 

By posting media to the #volunteer-stories-and-pics channel, Vote Save America volunteers give Vote Save America permission to use any and all media for Vote Save America-owned properties, including but not limited to social media accounts and website.

The Vote Save America team will always ask for permission before sharing any volunteer stories posted in #volunteer-stories-and-pics.