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Georgia, you’ve been on our minds since 2018. Are you tired of winning yet? We hope not, because there's a lot to get done in 2022. Read up on how to vote on in Peach State and get that 🍑 to the polls!

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Key Dates

Oct 11

Voter Registration Deadline

Oct 28

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline

Oct 17 – Nov 4

Early Voting Period

Nov 8

General Election, Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Return Deadline

Nov 14 – Dec 2

General Election Runoffs Early Voting Period

Dec 6

General Election Runoffs (if necessary)

Georgia Voter Guide

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  • How do I make sure I'm registered to vote?

    Go to votesaveamerica.com/register. We're working with Vote.org to make this as easy as possible for you, so don't fuck it up.

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  • Can I register the same day I want to vote?

    Sadly, no. So do it now! Then reward yourself with a cookie.

  • Can I vote by mail?

    Yes! As long as you're registered, you can request to have your ballot mailed to you, you just have to do that by October 28th for the general election. Then, you can fill it out and mail it back by November 8th for the general election and as soon as possible for the general runoffs. This is called an absentee ballot. You can request your absentee ballot here.

  • Can I vote early?

    Yes! For the primary election, early October 17th-November 4th. In some locations it is also available on Sunday. For the general runoff election, early voting is available at minimum from November 14th-December 2nd.

  • Do I need an ID?

    Yes, yes you do. A Georgia driver's license, a free Georgia voter ID card, a U.S. passport, a Military ID, or government-issued employee ID, Tribal ID, or certain student IDs will work. Get the details of what you need from VoteRiders.

  • How do I cast my ballot?

    If you are voting absentee/by mail, you can return your ballot by mail or in-person. For in-person voting, polling places will be open from 7am to 8pm (varies by municipality), and you can find the polling place closest to you here.

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what’s new in georgia voting since 2020

Hi Georgia. You might have heard that your state passed a big bill making changes to election procedures, and not for the better. Don't worry, we'll break down everything you need to know to make sure your ballot gets counted. When it comes to absentee ballot applications, you'll need to provide an ID number from a Georgia issues ID or a photocopy of another type of ID. Georgia voters are also no longer able to request an absentee ballot online. Make sure that you get your absentee ballot application in early, because the deadline is now 11 days before election day. When you mail back your absentee ballot, make sure to provide a Georgia ID number or your Social Security Number on the envelope. Finally, when you're turning your ballot in, double check the dropbox locations in your community, as they have likely changed since 2020.

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  • Get your absentee ballot here!

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  • Need to show Voter ID? Not sure what kind? Get the specifics in your state here.

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