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What a Year

Crooked Media's Tommy Vietor high-fiving City Councilwoman Arlis Reynolds at an event in Irvine.
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Volunteer taking a selfie with Rep. Katie Porter.
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Jon Lovett, Rep. Dina Titus, Jon Favreau, and Tommy Vietor posing for a photo in front of a wall of Dina Titus for Congress posters.
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Hey everybody,

If you’re reading this, you did it! You made it to the end of 2022. And your pals at Vote Save America just wanted to say thank you to every person who is part of this incredible community. Once again, the odds were against us. And once again, you stepped up, stopped scrolling, and volunteered, donated, organized, called, texted, emailed, and left it all on the field. 

And then you know what happened? Vote Save America helped beat a bunch of MAGA goons at the polls. Kari Lake? More like Kari Puddle, right? Right??

In a tough year where pundits wrote a bunch of obituaries in advance, this VSA community showed up for pro-choice, pro-democracy candidates at every level. We should all be pretty damn proud of how we defied the odds:

  • 6 Governors seats
  • 5 Senate seats
  • 34 House seats
  • 8 State Legislative Chambers
  • 3 Secretaries of State
  • 3 Attorneys General
Collage of VSA volunteers taking to the streets and contacting voters.

VSA Volunteers

Vote Save America volunteers came from all 50 states (and DC), signing up for 49,086 shifts – double our number in 2018.

1,438 of you became super vols in the VSA virtual community, contacting more than 1.7 million voters.

3,850 of you stepped up to be poll workers through our partnership with Power the Polls.

And when the Dobbs decision leaked, and we found out the Supreme Court was about to take away our fundamental freedoms, the Vote Save America community jumped into action. That day became the single biggest day for volunteer sign-ups the entire cycle.

    • VSA volunteers and supporters at a Lisa Borowski for State Representative event.
    • VSA lets you channel your anxiety and rage into something productive, which both makes you feel better and helps solve the problem.
      LINDSAY C.
    • Jon Lovett interviewing a young voter.
    • Taking action in these anxiety-filled times helps to focus on hope and possibility rather than dread and cynicism. It’s good for your mental health, and every action, even a small action helps a candidate of your choice inch forward to victory.
      DANICE A.
    • If you want to make a difference in politics, if you want to volunteer with people who will help you and cheer for you and celebrate with you, there’s no better place to be. I never feel as encouraged and hopeful, informed and empowered as I do when volunteering with VSA.
      SARA D.

VSA donates

Together, we raised more than $5.6 million dollars to fund campaigns both local and federal and invest in the organizations working year-round to build power beyond any one election cycle. This work—unfortunately—is expensive, but we helped resource the movement to succeed in the short and long term.

  • $1.73 million to protect and expand our Senate majority
  • $1.2 million to aid immediate abortion access, clinics, and legal defense
  • $704,000 for 20 of the closest House races
  • $757,000 for pro-democracy Secretary of State and Attorney General candidates
  • $423,000 to win state legislative races
  • $401,000 for our Every Last Vote fund to mobilize voters and protect their votes
  • $291,000 to build the state-level organizing networks that we’ll need to win back reproductive rights in the long term
  • $80,000 to register pro-choice voters with Vote Pro Choice

Midterm Madness

The threat to our democracy was real, so the Vote Save America community got in the fight early with our No Off Years program in 2021. In early 2022, we launched Midterm Madness to help elect progressive governors, secretaries of state, state legislators, and more. We knew Democrats would have to compete in many of our toughest 2020 battlegrounds, like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – while also fighting to win competitive House seats in blue and purple states across the country. So our Midterm Madness program was designed to mobilize volunteers around opportunities to defend and grow progressive majorities from the Senate to your school board. 

33,570 of you signed up to volunteer weekly in our Midterm Madness program, supporting candidates from Senate to state representative in California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. Here’s some of what you helped accomplish…

Map of eastern region states.
eastern region seagull flying.
Team East

This region was home to some of the closest and most important races for our majorities in the House and Senate, including big statewide races in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire and competitive House races in almost every state. While some races were too close for comfort, Team East came through with some historic victories at every level.

Organizations Supported

  • Organize New Hampshire
  • All In PA
  • Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee
  • Turn PA Blue
  • Pennsylvania Working Families Party
  • Vote Riders (NH)
  • Sister District (PA)
  • NextGen America (NH, PA)
Jon Lovett with VSA supporters and volunteers.
Voter taking a selfie with their
Jon Lovett with State Rep. Lisa Borowski and VSA volunteers.

You delivered wins

Wowza, this is a long list. Here are a few of the races supported by Vote Save America fundraising, volunteers, and content. Great job, Team East!

  • House of Representatives

    • Jahana Hayes Representative, Connecticut 5th Congressional District
    • Jared Golden Representative, Maine 2nd Congressional District
    • Annie Kuster Representative, New Hampshire 2nd Congressional District
    • Chris Pappas Representative, New Hampshire 1st Congressional District
    • Pat Ryan Representative, New York 19th Congressional District
    • Susan Wild Representative, Pennsylvania 7th Congressional District
    • Matthew Cartwright Representative, Pennsylvania 8th Congressional District
    • Christopher Deluzio Representative, Pennsylvania 17th Congressional District
    • Seth Magaziner Representative, Rhode Island 2nd Congressional District
  • Senate

    • John Fetterman Senate, Pennsylvania
    • Maggie Hassan Senate, New Hampshire
  • Governor

    • Josh Shapiro Governor, Pennsylvania
  • State Legislatures

    • Maine legislature Protected Maine’s Democratic trifecta
    • Pennsylvania legislature Helped flip Pennsylvania House from red to blue for the first time since 2010

From left to right: Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz, Josh Shapiro, Jahana Hayes, Katie Muth, John Fetterman, Maggie Hassan

Map of southern region states.
Animated image of dolly parton.
Team South

In 2020, the South set the bar for the rest of the nation following Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff’s 2020 victories in Georgia. We had our work cut out for us to replicate that success, and while we didn’t win everything we hoped to, we made some real progress, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Team South.

Organizations Supported

  • Carolina Federation
  • Georgia Votes
  • County to County NC
  • Planned Parenthood Action Florida
  • Down Home NC
  • Sister District (GA, NC, TX)
  • Vote Riders
A family of voters taking a selfie with their
Jon Lovett interviewing a voter.
Voter taking a selfie with their

You delivered wins

Team South, y’all pulled it out where it counted most. Here are a few of the races supported by Vote Save America fundraising, volunteers, and content.

  • Senate

    • Raphael Warnock Senate, Georgia
  • House of Representatives

    • Don Davis Representative, North Carolina 1st Congressional District
    • Wiley Nickel Representative, North Carolina 13th Congressional District
    • Abigail Spanberger Representative, Virginia 7th Congressional District
  • State Legislatures

    • North Carolina legislature Prevented a supermajority in the North Carolina General Assembly and its critical role in protecting the governor’s veto
  • Ballot Proposals

    • Kentucky Protect Kentucky Access ballot measure campaign

From left to right: Abigail Spanberger, Vicente Gonzalez, Diamond Staton-Williams, Sydney Batch, Mary Wills Bode, Raphael Warnock, Don Davis

Midwest region state map.
Midwest region corn animation.
Team Midwest

The Midwest was at the center of it all once again, and lived up to the hype: While we fell short in a few places, Team Midwest blue us away (see what we did there?) with some historic wins that built on the progress we made in 2020.

Organizations Supported

  • WisDems
  • Michigan Democrats
  • Southpaw
  • Rust Belt Rising
  • Michigan People’s Campaign
  • Rural Power Labs
  • Sister District (MI, WI) 
  • NextGen America
  • Vote Riders
Voter taking a selfie with their
Volunteers taking a selfie with their McNally for Indiana lit.
Voters taking a selfie with their

You Delivered Wins

Team Midwest delivers! Here are a few of the races supported by Vote Save America fundraising, volunteers, and content.

  • House of Representatives

    • Sean Casten Representative, Illinois 6th Congressional District
    • Eric Sorensen Representative, Illinois 17th Congressional District
    • Frank Mrvan Representative, Indiana 1st Congressional District
    • Sharice Davids Representative, Kansas 3rd Congressional District
    • Dan Kildee Representative, Michigan 8th Congressional District
    • Elissa Slotkin Representative, Michigan 7th Congressional District
    • Hillary Scholten Representative, Michigan 3rd Congressional District
    • Angie Craig Representative, Minnesota 2nd Congressional District
    • Marcy Kaptur Representative, Ohio 9th Congressional District
    • Greg Landsman Representative, Ohio 1st Congressional District
    • Emilia Sykes Representative, Ohio 13th Congressional District
  • Governor

    • Laura Kelly Governor, Kansas
    • Gretchen Whitmer Governor, Michigan
    • Tony Evers Governor, Wisconsin
  • State Legislatures

    • Michigan legislature Flipped the Michigan Legislature, securing a pro-choice majority and Democratic trifecta in the state for the first time in nearly 40 years, and electing 31 women to the state legislature
    • Minnesota legislature Flipped the Minnesota Senate, giving Democrats a governing trifecta for the first time in a decade
    • Wisconsin legislature Stopped a supermajority to protect Gov. Evers’ veto
  • Other Key Races

    • Kansas Ballot Measure Defeated Kansas’ “No State Constitutional Right to Abortion and Legislative Power to Regulate Abortion Amendment”
    • Michigan Proposal 22-3 Passed Michigan Proposition 3 “Reproductive Freedom for All”

From left to right: Laura Kelly, Emilia Sykes, Tony Evers, Kristina Shelton, Gretchen Whitmer, Sharice Davids

Map of western region states.
Western region donkey mascot kicking.
Team West

While Arizona and Nevada were the purple hotspots coming out of 2020 and would once again have major statewide races to get involved in, there were major needs across the West, especially when it came to keeping the House in Democratic control, but Team West was up for the challenge. We won the governor’s race in Arizona, which is great for Arizona and America, and even though we didn’t hold onto the governor’s mansion in Nevada, we did keep a Democratic supermajority in the legislature to keep the new Republican governor’s agenda in check. And while Republicans won the narrowest of majorities in the U.S. House, we pulled off some amazingly close wins throughout the region in Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and more.

Organizations Supported

  • Nevada Democratic Victory
  • Mission for AZ
  • Grassroots CA
  • Northeast Native Dems (AZ)
  • Sister District (AZ, NV, CO, WA)
  • Vote Riders
  • NextGen America
Two Arizona voters with a baby holding Adrian Fontes lit.
Voter taking a selfie with their mail in ballot.
Volunteers with Rep. Katie Porter at an event.

You Delivered Wins

We had to wait anxiously for it here in the West, but that didn’t make victory any less sweet. Here are a few of the races supported by Vote Save America fundraising, volunteers, and content.

  • House of Representatives

    • Greg Stanton Representative, Arizona 9th Congressional District
    • Josh Harder Representative, California 10th Congressional District
    • Katie Porter Representative, California 45th Congressional District
    • Yadira Caraveo Representative, Colorado 8th Congressional District
    • Steven Horsford Representative, Nevada 4th Congressional District
    • Susie Lee Representative, Nevada 3rd Congressional District
    • Dina Titus Representative, Nevada 1st Congressional District
    • Teresa Leger Fernandez Representative, New Mexico 3rd Congressional District
    • Gabriel Vasquez Representative, New Mexico 2nd Congressional District
    • Val Hoyle Representative, Oregon 4th Congressional District
    • Andrea Salinas Representative, Oregon 6th Congressional District
    • Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez Representative, Washington 3rd Congressional District
    • Kim Schrier Representative, Washington 8th Congressional District
  • Senate

    • Mark Kelly Senate, Arizona
    • Catherine Cortez Masto Senate, Nevada
  • Governor

    • Katie Hobbs Governor, Arizona
    • Tina Kotek Governor, Oregon
  • State Legislatures

    • Nevada legislature Held onto a Democratic majority as a critical check on the incoming Republican governor
  • Other Key Races

    • Kris Mayes Arizona Attorney General
    • Adrian Fontes Arizona Secretary of State
    • Aaron Ford Nevada Attorney General
    • Cisco Aguilar Nevada Secretary of State
    • Karen Bass Los Angeles Mayoral

From left to right: Katie Porter, Christine Marsh, Karen Bass, Gabe Vasquez, Mark Kelly, Catherine Cortez Masto, Katie Hobbs

No off years

As we come to the end of 2022, there’s still a lot we don’t know about what these results mean for the future, but here’s one thing we know for sure: We can’t stop putting in the work. The 2024 campaign has already started, and while we may not know who will be at the top of the ticket for either party, we do know is that the way we defeat the MAGA movement in all its forms is by making our case and building the broadest coalition, wherever we have to, to beat them. And it’s something we have to do every single day between now and November 2024. 

The good news is, that work has already started.

Our 2022 fundraising didn’t just go to campaigns that will close up shop at the end of the cycle: Our Fuck Bans: Fight Back and Every Last Vote funds were designed to support the organizing networks, candidate pipelines, and local relationships that we’ll need to win in the long term across the country.

This year also showed us that Vote Save America is in a position to compete everywhere. From House flips in Ohio and North Carolina to a measure to expand Medicaid coverage in South Dakota winning by double-digits, we plan to find ways to connect our volunteers in all 50 states to opportunities to build our power at every level in every state.

The Vote Save America virtual volunteer community isn’t going anywhere in 2023. It will be the home of our No Off Years program, which will continue supporting down ballot races and lay the groundwork for 2024, and you can sign up here. 

Thank you to everyone who stepped up this year. You made the difference and the entire country owes you its gratitude. We’ve got more work to do, so stay tuned for more ways to get involved in the new year, but for now rest up and happy holidays from everyone at Vote Save America.

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