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VSA volunteers knocking doors in California
Claire W., CA
VSA volunteer Megan knocking doors in New York
Megan H., NY
VSA volunteer Marie with Rep. Elissa Slotkin in Michigan
Marie J., MI
VSA volunteers canvassing in Oregon!
Julie L., OR
Volunteer Erin in her VSA gear!
Erin S., NY
VSA volunteer Emily canvassing in California
Emily A., CA
VSA volunteers join canvass kickoff with Crooked Media founder Jon Lovett
Crooked Media
VSA volunteer Nicole takes a BeReal while door knocking in Pennsylvania
Nicole G., PA
VSA volunteer Carsie knocks doors with Planned Parenthood in CA
Carsie M., CA
Volunteers join Crooked Media founder Jon Lovett for a canvass kickoff in Pennsylvania
Crooked Media
VSA volunteers attend a rally in California
Nancy L., CA
Volunteer Susan joins a virtual VSA training event!
Susan B., CA

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