Voter Guide

Voting rights! Healthcare! Salmon! (Salmon?)

There are more than 150 initiatives on state ballots this year, and a lot of them are SO confusing. In fact, some are written by interest groups to be confusing on purpose! See what will be on your ballot using our voter guide, so you're fully prepared when you actually vote. Including that salmon initiative, Alaska. Democracy! Sometimes, you have to read stuff.

Note: This is not your real ballot, it's a guide to your real ballot. So please really vote in this real election.

How It Works

01 Explore your ballot.

Use our voter guide to see who and what will be on your ballot when you vote.

02 Make a plan (COMING SOON)

Find your polling place, choose a time, and get reminded.

03 Vote!

Breeze through the voting booth by bringing your guide to the polls.