The vote. It’s important, it’s powerful, it comes with a free sticker. A home run of an institution. But it’s not as easy as it should be, especially in the state of Georgia. All eyes are on the Peach State. Again. Here’s how to help make sure every last vote is counted in their December run-off, including yours.

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Get (your sh)it together GEORGIANS ARE YOU READY TO VOTE? (AGAIN)

Hey Georgia, do you know how you’re voting? Things have changed a little bit since the last time you voted in a runoff, so make sure you’ve got a plan.


Find out what’s new in your state since 2020 and get all the information you need to be a voter this November (or find out if your state has early voting and check back here for where and when you can do that as it gets closer!)

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Vote By Mail FAQ

  • 2020 was bananas. Can I vote the same way I did then?

    You’re right. It was wild out there—deadlines & rules were changing constantly, mostly in response to COVID. 3 years into the pandemic, things are a little bit different. Some states made their COVID protocols permanent, others have returned to the pre-pandemic status quo, while others have made their rules even stricter than they were before the pandemic. Make sure to check on how the rules have changed in your state. Good news: we compiled that information for you. It's on your state page!

  • I’ve heard that some ballots were rejected. How do I make sure that my ballot isn’t one of them?

    A lot of the rejected ballots during the primaries are due to new laws that change deadlines or requirements for submitting your ballot, especially when it comes to voting by mail. Start the process of requesting your ballot as early as possible, so you have time to fix any mistakes. Read your ballot carefully and make sure the signature on your ballot matches the one on your voter registration form. States often check to see that they match, so carefully signing your mail-in ballot will keep it from being rejected.

  • Why is the Georgia runoff in December, rather than January?

    Great question! The date of the Georgia runoff was changed in SB 202, the 2021 law that made quite a few changes to voting (aka the voter suppression law). It shortened the window for a runoff from 9 weeks to 4 weeks. As a consequence, many voting rights groups are urging Georgia voters to vote early in person, rather than by mail. There's not enough time to be certain that ballots will arrive on time to be mailed back.