Here’s the thing: The vote is the most powerful way to bring about change in a democracy. If you don’t vote, other people get to make the big decisions about our country’s future, and those people might be terrible!

But we get it. It’s not that you don’t want to vote, it’s that the process is kind of awful. How do you register? Are you sure you’re registered?? Where do you vote? What’s on your ballot? What if you’re not sure how to vote on an issue? And honestly, does your vote really matter?

Of course it fucking matters. And Vote Save America is here to help you out on the rest.

Powered by the people with faces for podcasts at Crooked Media, Vote Save America is a one-stop shop for everything you need to get smart, get involved, and get out to vote.

Here you can:

In the 2018 midterm elections, almost 900,000 people used our voter guide to learn more about who and what was on their ballot, over 400,000 checked their registration status, and over 200,000 users pledged to vote and get their friends to do it too. Vote Save America helped people like you participate in over 22,000 volunteer shifts (!!) and raise almost $3 million for competitive races across the country (!!!). So we’re going even bigger this year.


Because 2020 will require a colossal effort, we’re planning a big-ass (technical term) upgrade to help navigate the next two years.

Throughout the year, we’ll be rolling out new features on Vote Save America to help you learn more about the 200 or so Democratic candidates for president and their positions. We’ll also have important information on down-ballot races, including some big ones happening in 2019. Plus, we’ll have a shitton of ways for you to get involved, from the smartest ways to donate your money to the groups you can volunteer with to make a difference (from home or in your community).

So stay tuned, and pledgister (that’s right, we’re bringing “pledgister” back). This will be the most important presidential election of our lifetimes, so we got you. Just do your part: Be a voter. Save America.

*TBH, a Republican.