Four years ago, most of us woke up the day after the election in a state of shock. We were sad, angry, and terrified about what a Trump presidency would mean for America.

It turns out we weren’t wrong to worry. These years have been some of the most difficult we’ve gone through as a country – filled with unbearable pain, cruelty, suffering, and loss. At times, it would’ve been easy, maybe even understandable, to tune out the shitshow entirely and decide that what was broken about politics just couldn’t be fixed.

At least, that’s what Donald Trump was counting on.

But that’s not what happened.

What happened was that people poured into airports to protest the Muslim ban. Women marched in the streets with their daughters and sons. Crowds rushed to the border to show the world that immigrant children were being ripped from the arms of their parents. Organizers filled the halls of Congress to protect millions from losing their health care. Students launched a movement to save their friends from gun violence, and another to save the planet from climate change. Black and brown and white Americans of all ages took part in the largest demonstrations this country has ever seen to battle the forces of racism and injustice.

Some of you who’ve stepped up in the last few years have been in this fight for a long time. But for a lot of you, it was the first time. The first time you ever called Congress. The first time you knocked on doors. The first time you ever donated to a candidate, made calls, sent texts. The first time you joined a campaign, or even ran for office yourself.

The power of all this activism has been obvious long before today. You saved the Affordable Care Act. You helped win special elections and off-year elections and downballot elections in some of the reddest places in the country. You flipped the House in 2018 with record turnout, and helped send more women and people of color to a Congress that’s younger than ever before.

You all may have supported different candidates in the 2020 primary, but when it was over you rallied around Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democratic candidates up and down the ticket for the fight of our lives.

You didn’t just do this for yourself. You did it for a family member who might be sick, or a friend who might be worried about deportation. You did it for millions of people you haven’t even met. You did it because you believed that despite everything that’s bad and broken about our country, we could still beat back the greatest threat to America in our lifetimes.

In the end, it wasn’t close. Donald Trump lost. We won. Joe Biden will be our next President, Kamala Harris will be our next Vice President, and democracy lives to fight another day.

What exactly is Vote Save America?

It’s a website, an initiative, and a community designed to help guide you with each step you need to take throughout the year to have the impact you want. In 2020, here’s a little bit of what we were able to accomplish:

  • Over 300,000 people signed up to Adopt a State, and those volunteers helped make 9.46 million calls and send 6.45 million texts to voters in battleground states, including the states we’ve won (Michigan and Wisconsin) and are on track to win (Arizona and Pennsylvania).
  • This community made close to 500,000 contributions to our funds, which raised almost $44 million for individual candidates, grassroots organizing, and voter protection efforts that are still going strong right now.
  • Through our Every Last Vote campaign to help recruit election workers, we were able to sign up 27,000 poll workers to help voting run smoothly in an unprecedented election, and 1,700 lawyers ready to be called up to volunteer for voter protection.
  • We were able to register 270,000 voters through our registration tools and our fundraising partnership with Register2Vote to send registration forms to unregistered voters. A state like Georgia could come down to 10,000 votes. We weren’t kidding when we said we were fighting for every last vote.

We didn’t win everything we had hoped for, and there are some big battles left to come. In 2021, we need to be willing to fight every day for the issues that matter most to us.

But for now, take a breath. Take a nap. Get some fresh air. Be proud of what you did, celebrate what we accomplished together, and remember that a better world is always possible.

Vote Save America

P.S. As always, if you have any questions, comments, grammar corrections, or concerns,  shoot us an email at votesaveamerica@crooked.com.